2013 Restaurants Industry National Forecast

State Statistics - Restaurant Industry economic impact by state

Article explaining the 2013 Forecast with specific comments about Texas Restaurants - research reports

The Restaurant Report - industry publication with articles

Food Marketing Institute - The Food Marketing Institute
(FMI) is a nonprofit association conducting programs in research,
education, industry relations and public affairs.

Food Trends Opta Food Ingredients, Inc. Industry trends and consumer lifestyles.

International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association - Promoting the growth and
development of dairy, deli, and bakery sales in the retail food industry. The preferred resource
for relevant information and services across all food channels for the dairy, deli, and
bakery business.

Organic Trade Association - Established in 1985 as the Organic Foods Production
Association of North America, the Organic Trade Association works to promote
organic products in the marketplace and to protect the integrity of organic standards.
Members include growers, shippers, processors, certifiers, farmer associations, brokers,
consultants, distributors and retailers.

Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute - News and information about relationships
between agricultural production, food and agribusiness from this Ames, Iowa-based organization.

National Restaurant Association - The National Restaurant Association now represents,
educates and promotes the nation's $371 billion foodservice industry.

Food Online - News and resources about the food industry, covering such topics as quality
control, quality assurance, information management, process control, inspection equipment,
sanitation systems and x-ray equipment. - Food service and hospitality industry supplier information, news and
online discussion forums.

Grocery Manufacturers Association - Industry information from the world's largest association
of food, beverage and consumer product companies.

Institute of Food Technologists - News from this professional society for food science and technology.

Meat and Poultry Online - Business and technology news on the meat and poultry sectors of the
food-processing industry.

National Pork Producers Council - Food and nutrition information for consumers, as well as industry
and production |information for professionals; a service of the Iowa-based National Pork Board,
as implemented by the National Pork |Producers Council.

Food Processing Suppliers Association Search for suppliers of equipment for the food industry.